root@cybers.cry:~# rooting server
root@cybers.cry:~# enter password
root@cybers.cry:~# ***********
root@cybers.cry:~# if your website is hacked
root@cybers.cry:~# do not blame me
root@cybers.cry:~# because it's my hobby
root@cybers.cry:~# But Blame Yourself, Why Not Maintain Him Well
root@cybers.cry:~# If You Have Problem With Me
root@cybers.cry:~# Don't Tell The World, Tell Me And Finish it With Me.
root@cybers.cry:~# BY CYBERSCRYTECH_

[+] Hacker Patah Hati
[+] Message : .Hacking Is Not Crime, But Hacking Is Art.
We are United
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

Why You Don't Fix Bug
I Told You , FIX THAT
Patch Your System
Because Iam In Your SYSTEM

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